The Jaguar AJ30 V6


After extensive research, Rocketeer settled the Jaguar AJ30, a specialized version of the Ford Duratec V6.

The Duratec V6 has an impressive pedigree; originally a Porsche design purchased by Ford, further developed by Cosworth. As well as powering modest Ford, Lincoln, Mazda, and Jaguar sedans, derivatives of the Duratec V6 power more premium cars from the Mondeo ST24 and ST220 to the Noble M12, Morgan and Marcos. The AJ30 is a favorite of high performance kit car builders.

The Jaguar AJ30 has all the features of a proper motorsport engine: Double overhead cams, forged, fracture-split powder metal rods, and a forged crank, substantially reinforced with four-bolt mains and elaborate block girdle. Its oversquare design revs to the heavens, in part also through the use of  DAMB tappets (Direct Acting Mechanical Bucket). The AJ30 engine develops max power in stock form at 6750 rpm and can be safely taken well north of 7000 rpm.

Almost unbelievably, the AJ30 is reliable, plentiful, and inexpensive. Being all aluminium, it is actually a little lighter than the cast iron MX5 lump it replaces, enhancing the critical weight distribution, balance, and handling.

Light, high revving, sweet, tractable, and an amazing soundtrack. It is a balance that suits the car beautifully. It takes everything about the original MX5 and enhances it; elevating the whole experience to a new level. Not just the performance. Sure it’s quick, but much more significantly, it has soul.


The Rocketeer Jaguar AJ30 engine specification

  • 2967cc 60 degree V6

  • 89mm bore, 79.5mm stroke

  • 10.5:1 compression ratio

  • Aluminum block and heads with cast iron cylinder liners

  • Dual overhead camshafts

  • 4 valves per cylinder

  • Direct acting mechanical bucket (DAMB) tappets

  • Variable valve timing

  • Forged steel crank

  • Forged, powder metal rods with fracture split ends

  • Carbon fiber intake plenums with dual throttles

  • Bespoke Motorsport Electronics ECU based on the ME442

  • 287bhp at 7000rpm

  • 245lb/ft at 3550rpm