Q:  Is the Rocketeer conversion kit difficult to install?

A:  The Rocketeer MXV6 engine conversion kit is a very straightforward installation. No cutting, welding, or fabrication is required. This is strictly a bolt-in installation. Competent home mechanics can install the conversion kit in a weekend. Those choosing to leave the work to professionals should budget for between 25 and 30 labor hours.

We can carry out the conversion of your car at our facility in Eugene, Oregon. Cost for us to handle your conversion starts at $3,000. Repairs, restoration work, or modifications outside the scope of the conversion kit installation will, naturally, affect the total cost.

Q:  Does the engine conversion require other modifications to my car?

A:  The short answer to this question is, No. The MXV6 conversion kit utilizes the original Miata manual transmission, axles, and differential. These Miata components are plenty tough enough to cope with the added power and torque delivered by the Rockeer/Jaguar AJ30 engine. The stock Miata brakes demonstrate their ability to perform on racetracks around the world every weekend. That being said, few would argue that intelligent, proven performance upgrades enhance the driving experience, so if that is your thing, we won’t try to dissuade you.

If you live where it gets quite hot in Summer, with high temperatures consistently above 90F, we will recommend installing a larger radiator and oil cooling gear. The AJ30 engine makes roughly twice the power and torque of the Miata engine, and with that comes more heat. We will be pleased to help with component selection advice, and installation should your car be in our care.

Q:  How do I find an engine?

A:  Although the Ford Duratec 3.0 V6 was installed in many vehicles, The Jaguar AJ30 variant represents the pinnacle of development of this engine family. The AJ30 was produced from model years 2000 - 2008 and installed in Jaguar S-Type sedans. The S-Type was an expensive entry-executive class sedan, and as such, most were very well maintained by owners keen on preserving the value of their cars. Nearly all S-Types were sold with automatic transmissions, so it is safe to say that the typical AJ30 led a pretty easy life.

The engine can be easily found at automotive recyclers, with prices ranging from $400 to $2000. We have found many clean, low mile examples.

If you prefer not to do the leg-work, we will be pleased to supply an engine with your kit. Our engines are thoroughly cleaned, inspected, and prepped for installation. Prices range from $1,500 to $2,000 for guaranteed sub-50,000 mile engines, with total mileage being the driver of the range in prices.

We can also supply fully rebuilt engines with all new internals starting at $5000.

Q:  What kind of total budget should I anticipate for the transformation of my Miata to a Rocketeer MXV6?

A:  If you intend to do the installation yourself, you can plan for around $12,000, all in. If you bring your car to us for a turn-key conversion, the total cost will start at around $16,000. If you wish for us to complete additional work to your car outside the conversion kit installation, that figure will naturally be higher.

If you are sold on the Rocketeer kit, but do not own a Miata, we can do it all: We will deliver your very own, hand built Rocketeer MXV6 Miata with prices beginning near $25,000. Mild or wild, we will build your car to your own exact specifications. Call us to discuss!