The Rocketeer MXV6 has arrived.


The Mazda MX5 Miata needs no introduction to sportscar enthusiasts. Perfect balance, light weight, and telepathic handling have helped to make the Miata the best selling sports car of all time. In fact, more Miatas are raced in America than any other car.

Most will agree, while the Miata’s modest power does not detract from the driving experience, it will certainly benefit from more power! The Rocketeer MXV6 engine conversion kit for the NA and NB Miata doubles the power and torque with no weight gain, while preserving the brilliant Miata handling dynamics and retaining the excellent Miata transmission, powerplant frame, and differential.

The MXV6 conversion kit is engineered and manufactured to extremely high standards in England by tuning specialists Rocketeer Ltd. At the heart of the conversion is a 287bhp all-aluminum four-cam Jaguar V6.


It is no surprise that the best selling sports car of all time enjoys a huge enthusiast following and an enormous aftermarket industry supplying all manner of cosmetic and performance enhancements.  The engine conversion market alone is larger than found for any other car, with options from four cylinder engines to large pushrod V8s. With all things come compromise. Most conversion solutions are incomplete, requiring fabrication and engineering skill. Others are overkill – fundamentally destroying the Miata’s excellent balance and world-class handling.

The Rocketeer MXV6 engine conversion is the one solution for which it can be said there is truly no compromise: it preserves everything magic about the Miata and enhances the driving experience with a healthy dose of power and torque, a 100% increase, with no weight penalty.  The MXV6 conversion increases chassis stiffness and further improves weight distribution.  The conversion can be carried out by a skilled enthusiast at home, by a professional workshop, or we can offer you a turn-key solution at our facility. No cutting or welding is required. Everything is included. Every nut, bolt, and washer, including installation instructions.




MXV6 Complete Conversion Kit

A complete TurnKey SolutioN

The complete kit to build your Miata to Rocketeer specifications without sourcing extra parts. 

MXV6 Expert Kit

Designed for the Expert builder

Want to take your build in your own direction? This kit gets you started.

MXV6 Installation Service

Let us Handle the dirty work

We take care of all the mechanical details of installing your conversion kit.


Custom Turn-Key Cars

Don’t own a Miata? Let us find one for you

We’ll source a low-mile, never damaged, West Coast car and deliver your very own Rocketeer MXV6 Miata.